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  • Head of Engineering
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  • Head of Advanced Manufacturing
  • Head of Manufacturing Improvements
  • Head of Rapid Prototyping
  • Senior Manager - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
  • R&D Director
  • Technical Fellow
  • CAD Manager

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Global Summit 2013

There has been much hype recently around the transformational potential of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, which now seem to be gaining critical mass and momentum in their applications.

Yet for businesses to justify investment, clarity is required on what these new technologies really mean in terms of commercial opportunities for industrial production - specifically the costs, limitations and identification of where these processes could generate new value alongside traditional manufacturing methods.

With this in mind, we are delighted to bring you the 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications Summit 2013 - the world's first industry-driven additive manufacturing event designed specifically to identify the real business benefits and new opportunities AM technologies present.

Hosting a cross-section of industry leaders and pioneering experts, you will be able to gain first hand insights on successful commercial applications, state-of-the-art machine and material developments, costs and intellectual property challenges.


Key Themes Include:

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Lessons from early adopters and case studies of additive manufacturing technologies in application today: Where does the rubber meet the road?

MATERIAL DEVELOPMENTS: Understanding what is possible today and the latest advances with the use of metals & polymers

STATE OF THE ART: Assessing the latest innovations in additive manufacturing: Which technologies are receiving attention in terms of investment and research?

DESIGNING FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE: Examining practical applications of new design processes and shapes to overcome limitations of traditional manufacturing processes and create new functionality

EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL COSTS: Understanding current capital cost limitations as a function of size and fidelity: What should a financial balance sheet look like to justify investment?

POTENTIAL FOR MASS PRODUCTION: Assessing scalability barriers to producing reliable, reproducible products at high quality

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Exploring solutions for addressing challenges around intellectual property, data security and product authenticity

Building on our reputation for addressing the hottest industry issues, this groundbreaking summit will not only provide you with the opportunity to network with key industry players but critically, arm you with the knowledge you need to fully evaluate opportunities for your business.

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7 Key Reasons Why You Should Attend...

  • Be part of the world's first industry-driven global 3D printing and additive manufacturing summit to examine successful commercial applications and strategic reasoning behind technology investment
  • Hear from 20+ industry leaders from sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Oil & Gas and Retail and join in active discussions to find out the facts on issues such as capacities, volumetric constraints, repeatability and reliability
  • Discover the state of the art in equipment capabilities, developments in alloy & polymer usage and clarity on costs to inform the business case for adoption
  • Gain insights into early adopters visions for mass production and case studies on additive manufacturing technologies in application today from hands-on industry leaders and select pioneering academics
  • Explore practical applications of new design processes and cutting-edge developments on creating new shapes and integrated functionality
  • Enjoy exclusive networking opportunities across three days including a drinks reception at the end of Day One providing an invaluable opportunity to form and nurture business partnerships
  • Destination Location - London, UK : Take the opportunity to enjoy this world-leading cultural capital as the backdrop for informal networking outside the conference proceedings


Research Leader, Nokia

"A good combination of industry and academic"


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